Studio Players Repaving Campaign

Dear Friends of Studio Players,

As you probably know, Studio Players is an all volunteer, non-profit theatre. We have been providing quality, affordable performing arts to the North New Jersey Community since 1937. No one at Studio receives a salary. Everyone involved donates their time and talent to make eight shows a season possible.

Studio has touched many lives whether it was launching a Broadway career, giving a creative outlet to former actors and designers, fostering a love of performing arts, giving a children their first theatrical experience, and so much more.

Currently, Studio’s parking area is in need of repair. The playhouse has been patching it up for several years, but the winter snows have made a patch up no longer a viable option. The parking area needs to be handled by professional contractors, and this obviously comes at a cost. Many mistakenly believe that the land at the end of Alvin Place is a public street. It’s actually private property and Studio is the owner of part of the tract. As such, Montclair is not responsible for its upkeep.

If you’d like to join us in helping Studio to continue providing 8 shows a year at affordable prices you can do so via this convenient PayPal link If we raise more money than needed for the project (it will cost roughly $5,000), it will go towards other expenses associated with maintaining our 100+ year old building.

If you’d like to donate in another manner please email us at and we’ll put you in touch with our business manager. Thank you in advance from all of us. Even $10 can make a difference.

Regardless of your ability to donate, would you be so kind as to share this information on your Facebook page, or email friends and co-workers etc.? Every little bit of getting the word out helps.