Schedule Change: AUGUST 15 and AUGUST 16

SCHEDULE CHANGE: SCHEDULE MODIFIED DUE TO DUMPSTER PICK UP AND A NEW ONE COMING IN: We will organize a work group for today WEDNESDAY from 5 to 8 to continue removing all the damaged materials, and tomorrow THURSDAY have another 3 till dark to fill the new dumpster.


An update on our situation. We have obtained the donation of a dumpster thanks the generosity of Louis and Michell Mauriello (owners of Champion Waste Removal in Montclair) who heard about our plight and decided to help. See details on the NBC video and this post to find out what happened.



With the dumpster arriving tomorrow (AUGUST 14), work will begin at 3:00pm and continue until dark

Please invite all the people who have been involved with us and all who wish to assist.

If they can’t lift heavy things there are many other ways to help. Dress in old clothing you don’t mind getting dirty and wear closed shoes for safety.

We have not even begun on the prop room where we think there are salvageable items which are in need of sorting and cleaning.

I need a few people with good with spatial relation skills to help supervise the load of the dumpster effectively, we can’t just throw stuff in willy nilly.

Work will continue daily until we are done, at a minimum throughout the weekend and possibly the rest of the month.

Thank you to all who have been here, all who are working at home or work getting us noticed.

Tune in to NBC news at 4 to see Amy Fox and Bill O’Brien talking with Chris Glorioso covering our disaster!!

Even with the donated dumpster there will be many expenses: replacing the dump sink, shelving, possible repairs on heating system, electricity to run fans 24/7 and that’s before we even get to think about replacing lost furniture, paint, and props. Please encourage folks to donate if they are able details here. It’s tax deductible…/montclairs-studio…/

NBC 4 covered our story: