It’s a Wonderful Life: The Radio Play

Adapted by Liz Zazzi from the Lux Radio Theater archives. 

Director: Sharon Garry

In this family-friendly production, the beloved story of George Bailey is retold by an ensemble cast. They bring to life all your favorites from Mary, to Clarence, to Zuzu. We are reminded of the timeless message that “No one who has friends is truly alone.”

Performance Dates

  • Dec. 8, 9,15,16 at 7:30pm
  • Dec. 9, 10, 16, 17 at 3:30pm

Audition Dates

Due to the nature of the script with many group scenes and actors who overlap multiple parts, we ask that all auditoners arrive by 6:30 pm on the 22nd and 7:30 pm on the 23rd.

  • October 22 at 6:00 pm
  • October 23 at 7:00 pm

Single Character Roles for Adults

  • George-Male presenting- The small town hero- age range 25-45 
  • Mary-Female presenting- The girl next door-age range 25-45 
  • Clarence-The apprentice Angel- age range-40+ 
  • Sound person-Male or Female presenting Non speaking role. On stage in character. Must be able to manipulate many items for sound effects, as well as vocal side effects like dog barks, baby cries, etcetera.

Multi-Character Roles for Adults

For the multi character roles listed below, be prepared to read sides making different character choices. Actors who wish to sing at the top of the show should be prepared sing a holiday tune acapella.

  • William Keighly/Joseph
  • Peter Bailey/Potter/Mr.Carter
  • Uncle Billy/Gower/Man in the Window
  • Mrs. Bailey/Tilly/Woman 1
  • Violet/Susan Blanchard
  • Mrs. Hatch/Libby Collins/Hortense/Woman 2
  • Harry/Sam Wainwright/Ernie
  • Bert/Nick/Mr. Welsh/Ed
  • Martini/Eustace/Bridge Keeper/Charlie/Campbell
  • Sound person/Finky

Roles for Children

  • Young George/Peter Aged 12-15
  • Young Mary/Janie Age 8-10
  • Young Violet/Tracey Age 6-8
  • Zuzu Age 6

Audition Sides

Side 1: Potter

Side 2 George and Mary

Side 3: Uncle Billy and George

Side 4: George and Clarence

Side 5: Susan and Announcer

Side 6 Potter and George

Side 7 Libby and Announcer

Side 8: George

Side 9: Gower and Young George

Side 10: Young George, Young Mary, Young Violet

Side 11 George and Mary

Side 12: George and Mom Bailey