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Open Means Open to All

All Studio Players auditions are open to the public. There is no pay involved. We are an organization that is comprised entirely of volunteers.

We have no required experience, fees, or membership dues for anyone on or backstage. We stand committed to casting people of color in any role that will showcase their talent, to producing works by playwrights of all races, faiths, genders, and sexual orientations, and to inviting all people in our diverse communities to join us onstage or behind the scenes in volunteering to express our collective voices and stories.

Current Auditions:

Auditions: The Real Thing

The Real Thing By Tom Stoppard Directed by: Tait Ruppert The Play : The play takes place in London in the 1980’s.  It essentially revolves around the love between Henry (a playwright) and Annie (an actress). When the play begins Henry is married to Charlotte and Annie is married to Max.  Both partners soon divorce and the play concerns itself…

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a messy broken down plantation