Group Sales: Birthdays, Celebrations, and More

For mainstage shows, blocks of 20 or more tickets on Thursday, Friday, or Sunday (when available) are offered at a discount of 25% from the adult ticket price, payable in advance. There are no group discounts for benefits or special events.

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Children’s show tickets for groups of 20 or more are discounted 25% payable in advance. This is an ideal option for children’s birthday parties, scout troop outings, etc.

Sorry, no refunds. No other discount offers can be applied to group sales. Please contact to arrange for a group sale.

Theatre Parties: Exclusive Performance for Your Group

This option is called a theatre party. Pending availability, we can offer your group a private showing of any of our productions. We can offer you the the entire theatre at a steep discount which allows you to sell tickets at a price that will help raise funds for your organization. Contact for details.

7 rows of 14 seats across, 10 seats on house right (2 X 2) 24 seats house left (4 x 4)