The Ghost Light

a single light burning on a darkened stage

Ghost Light

The curtain has closed
The stage is dark
You had a good run
You hit every mark
The performance is over
So exit, stage right
But just before you leave
Turn on the ghost light

The crowds, they all loved you
You know that because
They showed their affection
With thunderous applause
But now the seats are all empty
There’s no one in sight
So it’s time to close up
And turn on the ghost light


Through the darkness of the night
Shines the ghost light
To honor all who came before
And someday down the road
After the twilight
You will take your final bow and close the door
Follow the ghost light

You can hear it so clearly
The sound of laughter
That filled up your heart
And raised the rafters
You left it all on stage
Yes, you gave it all your might
So smile to yourself
When you turn on the ghost light

Repeat Chorus

By J. L. Mannix 9/11/19

(I spend a lot of time in theaters because my husband is a lighting designer.  This symbolizes a life well-lived)

J. L. Mannix headshot
Jodi Lyn Adelmann-Mannix 1973 – 2023