Our Facility

Studio PLayers building as seen from across the street


We are located at 14 Alvin place, Upper Montclair, NJ.


There are several parking spaces on the street next to our building and surrounding streets. Do not park in anything labeled “Fire Zone” or in the parking lot behind the laundromat, as they are designated tow zones.


For our audience members, there are six stairs to our front door. Once at our front door, everything is on the same level with no further steps. Our bathrooms are not large enough to accommodate wheelchairs or motorized devices. We are currently exploring options to make our physical plant more accessible to everyone. If you have a question or concern, please let us know studiopl@studioplayhouse.org


We have two, single use bathrooms that are gender neutral in our lobby directly across from our box office.


We have 130 seats in 8 rows. The seats are a cushioned, drop-down style that are on arranged on an incline.

7 rows of 14 seats across, 10 seats on house right (2 X 2) 24 seats house left (4 x 4)
rehearsal for Light Up the Sky