Our ongoing work to be more inclusive

a diverse collage of faces

In response to recent events, Studio Players acknowledges that we have fallen short in our efforts to diversify our company and welcome people of all backgrounds into our programming and our ranks.  However, we are determined to become part of the solution.  We are reframing this time of quarantine as an opportunity to examine and correct both surface and systemic practices that have inhibited our desire to become more diverse and inclusive. 

We have convened a Diversity & Inclusion Committee which hosts open and honest discussions with BIPOC members of the North New Jersey Theatre community and various other arts organizations from throughout the area. 

We stand committed to partnering with these entities and to diversifying our audiences, our casts, our production teams, and our board, and we look forward to creating a company where people of all backgrounds feel invited to tell stories with us

Diversity & Inclusion Committee Members:

  • Elizabeth Quiñones (Co-chair)
  • E. Dale Smith-Gallo (Co-chair)
  • Amy Fox (President of the Board)
  • Danna Boshak  
  • Laura Byrne-Cristiano 
  • Beatriz Esteban-Messina
  • Alicia Hayes 
  • Derek Simmons
  • Michael Smith-Gallo
  • Kenneth Laboy-Vazquez
  • Lonzell Wilson