Puss in Boots

puss in boots cat in cavalier outfit

Puss in Boots

By Vera Morris

Director: Beatriz Esteban – Messina

Who’s the cleverest cat in the kingdom? Who else? Puss in Boots! In a delightful re-telling of the classic tale, Tom, the miller’s son, is left his father’s cat for an inheritance. The cat promises that if Tom gets him a pair of boots he will make his fortune. Join us for this family-friendly story filled with laughter and hijinks.

January 27, 28, Feb 3, 4 at 1:30pm and 3:30pm


  • Allyssa Hynes as The Clever Puss in Boots  
  • David Leegrand  as Tom, cat’s owner
  • Katherine Reardon as Jeanette  – Tom’s sister.
  • Miranda Montalvo as Gabrielle – Tom’s mean sister.
  • Judy Espaillat as the Countess  
  • Tina Ferrara as Rosalind, Countess’s daughter who is the Ogre’s fiancee
  • Richard Dwyer   as The Ogre
  • Jonathan Howell as the Ogre’s Dog
  • Josephine Perez as the Ogre’s Prisoner
  • Donna Fraissinet as the Ogre’s Cook
  • Allen Roberts as the Peasant
  • Jack Pignatello as the King
  • Tara Spinelli as the Queen
  • Miranda Madrazo as Princess Pam, their daughter
  • John Fraissinet as the Coachman