doofy dandy snowy whiteThe Quest: A Fairy Tale With Attitude by Eddie McPherson

Directed by Betsy Zaubler

Adult Mentors: Janet Sales, Laura Byrne-Cristiano and Tommy Donaldson

Something is terribly wrong with Grandma! She’s very sick and weak, but luckily for her, recovery is just a quest away! The teacher at the exclusive Fantasy Academy challenges her fairy tale character students to embark on a quest to gather three hard-to-obtain items and cure Grandma. Of course, every good fairy tale has a villain, and the best one of all is the big bad wolf, Huff-n-Puff! If Grandma is in good health, Huff-n-Puff’s plot to snatch the basket of goodies away from Little Red With a Hood might fail! He must keep Grandma feeble by finding the three items before the students do. The fairy tale students fight off the wolf and his sidekick, Tag-Along Troll, and continuously seek the audience’s assistance throughout their journey.

February 21, 22, 28, March 1

Performances at 1:30 and 3:30 on Saturdays and Sundays.

All tickets are $8.00 or call 973-744-9752

Huff-n-puff and troll