Celebrating Sondheim:Two Nights Only Musical Review!

A giant in the the world of the Broadway musical passed away late last year. Stephen Sondheim revolutionized the Broadway musical in an unprecedented, six decade career. We are going to celebrate the life and works of this extraordinary person as over 25 artists perform his works.

Show Dates

April 8 and April 9, 2022



Our Artists


Kevin Ohlweiler

Music Director

Darren Gage

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  • Lily Arriaga
  • Rachel Babashak
  • Jessi Baden-Campbell
  • Jannine Barboza
  • Meaghan Beese
  • Nina Bogosian
  • Gabby Bubrick
  • Kate DiFonzo
  • Ian Federgreen
  • Elle Rose Fraser
  • Julie Galorenzo
  • Rachael Gareau
  • Sharon Garry
  • Kay Koch
  • Brett Lowell
  • Elle Michaeli
  • Spencer Morvillo
  • Molly Neff
  • Nicolette Boillotat
  • Chloe Novoa
  • Julian Novoa
  • Richard Pearson
  • Peter Phillips
  • Matthew Prepis
  • Jennifer Robertson
  • Amber Smith
  • E. Dale Smith-Gallo
  • Melissa Vogt
  • Michela Wallach

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