Law & Order: Nursery Rhyme Unit

The first children’s show of our 75th season is Law and Order:Nursery Rhyme Union, a comedy by Jane Jeffries and Jim Jefferies.  The show is directed by Sue Mandzik Davis whose recent past shows include Cinderella, Cinderella and Snow White.  The stage managers for the  production are Alexandra Garbeck & Skyler Fortgang.

Join the Inspector and the Punnish Sir (who’s always scrambling for egg puns!) as they invest-egg-ate a crime scene where Humpty Dumpty has been found shattered and fowl play is suspected. They have one hour to solve the crime, the same time frame as a typical Law & Order episode, eggs-cluding commercials. Meet egg-citing nursery rhyme characters and follow the trail of clues, ending with an egg-stremely funny trial. There are plenty of yolks along the way as the case is cracked!

Performances dates are September 17, 18, 24, 25.  Show times are at 1:30 and 3:30 each day.


Detective Green:     Rob Kovacs

Punnish Sir:     Jason Davis

Mare:     Callie O’Rourke

Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe:     Laurie Sammeth

So Many Children (Girl):     Julia Nicosia

So Many Children (Boy):     John Nicosia

Dr. Foster:     Joe Ferriero

Beautiful Swan:     Betty Shiferaw

Jack Be Nimble:     Danny Vedova

Georgie Porgie:     Dante Savanello

Little Boy Blue:     Ed Kos

Mary Had a Little Lamb:    Megan Hatem

Little Bo-Peep:    Danielle Petrucelli

Sal:     Kim Merlo

Mrs. Sprat:     Lori Drew

Jack Sprat:     Danny Vedova

Bailiff:     John McCullough

Judge Mental:    Laurie Sammeth

Prosecutor:     Jennifer Reyes-Vega

Simple Simon:     Dante Savanello

Defense Attorney:    Kim Merlo

Mother Goose:     Sam Silver

Surprise Witness:    Joe Ferriero