Relaunched! Ocean Adventures: A New Kids Show Comes to Studio Players

Studio players is proud to present a series of new works in cooperation with TSquared productions.


Date: August 21
Time: 2:00pm, The running time of the entire performance is approximately 45 minutes.
Tickets are $12.00 and may be purchased online.

Descriptions of Shows

Seagull Sharing

A child named Adriann is very bored on the beach because they don’t have any friends to play with. Flying kites, building sandcastles, and running in the waves isn’t much fun if you’re lonely. Enter: the seagull interested in Adriann’s sandwich. Could this bird be the friend Adriann was hoping for? 

Abandoned Ship!

Captain Mud is a renowned captain of a pirate ship; renowned for being very rude! One day his crew up and leaves, sailing away in the life boats. The next morning, Raffi finds that he’s alone with the Captain. Will Raffi be able to help the Captain change their grumpy ways? Or will Raffi be left in an ever more uncomfortable position?

A Tale of Two Mermaids

One day Octo and Jelly bump into each other. They are mermaids, but perhaps they are not your typical mermaids. Each of them try to prove how much of a “mermaid” they are, and in doing so they end up embracing their own unique selves.

Krill’s Quest

One day Princess Horseshoe Crab gets stuck on land, with no one brave enough to save her. But one brave little Krill braves past the fishermen, predatory fish and the dreaded land to save the day!

Cast and Playwrights

Seagull Sharing by Allyssa Hynes
Adrienn – Nelson DePasquale
Seagull – Jackie Matthews

Abandoned Ship by Brendan O’Brien
Raffi – Nelson DePasquale
Captain Mud – Kimberly Bollard

A Tale of Two Mermaids by Alicia Whavers
Octo – Caroline Ritacco 
Jelly – Kimberly Bollard

Krill’s Quest by Angelle Whavers
Princess Krill – Caroline Ritacco 
Narrator – Jackie Matthews