Poultry in Motion
By Patrick Rainville Dorn

Directed by Tommy Donaldson
Stage Manager:

Leyda Torres

Chicken Little just got duped by the infamous Foxy Loxy. Is the sky really falling? Will the chicken be outfoxed by the fox? Join Chicken Little and the rest of his friends on the farm as this classic story is mixed with a lot of laughter and fun.

December 3, 4, 10, 11 Performance Times

Poultry in Motion Cast
Megan Hatem as Foxy Loxy
Danielle Petrucelli as Chicken Little
Larissa Symbouras as Henny Penny
Russ Meyer as Cocky Locky
Sabrina Alamo as Little Red Hen
Veronica Walton as Ducky Lucky
Sana Duff as Goosey Lucy
Dante Savanello as Mallard Drake
James Goodger as Zander Gander
Lisa Drogon as Tina Turkey
Kira Alexander as Tori Turkey

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