Miracle on 34th Street

Adapted by Mountain Community Theater from the novel by Valentine Davies. Based upon the Twentieth Century Fox motion picture Miracle on 34th Street.

Directed by: Beatriz Esteban-Messina

Kris Kringle, living in a retirement home, gets a job working as Santa for Macy’s. Kris unleashes waves of good will with Macy’s customers and the commercial world of New York City by referring parents to other stores to find exactly the toy their child has asked for. Seen as deluded and dangerous, Kris is in danger of being shipped off to Bellevue. The stakes couldn’t be higher: Kris’ freedom and one little girl’s belief in Santa.


Friday Options:   Dec 9 and 16 at 7:30 pm

Saturday Options: Dec 10 and 17 at 3:00 pm and 7:30 pm 

Sunday Options:  Dec 11 and 18 at 3:00 pm

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Kris Kringle: Allen Roberts

Doris: Janna Epstein

Fred:  Arthur Carlson

Susan: Kara Misener and Samantha Mcginn 

Ms.Shellhammer: Katherine Reardon

Dr. Pierce : Alexis Saarela

Sawyer: John Fraissinet

Macy: Julio Irizarry

Bloomingdale: Tara Spinelli

Elves: Aidan Carlson and Donna Bialkin

Drunk Santa: Jack Pignatello

Bag Lady: Donna Fraissinet

Rich Lady: Anne Hennessy

Sharon:Kara Misener and Samantha Mcginn

Johnny: Kevin Dougherty

Dutch Girl: Beatrix Hart

Sharon’s Mom: Rachel Rubin Ladutke

Johnny’s Dad: Felipe Rodriguez

Dutch Girl’s Adopted Mom: Terry Fierro

Judge: Patrick Little 

Finley: Felipe Rodriguez

Halloran: Francesca Stokes

Mara: Cindy Ryan

James Mara: Kevin Dougherty

News Announcer: Jack Pignatello

Duncan Zookeeper: Zuiara Sinclair

Al At Post Office: Hijilos Exume

Lou At Post Office:Ed Bialkin

Pedestrian: Rachel Rubin Ladutke

Pedestrian: Anne Hennessy

Pedestrian: Terry Fierro